Athens Erotic Candles Set Petits Joujoux 67724 (5 pcs)

Petits Joujoux

A trip to Paris is a composition of vanilla and sandalwood, stimulating, sexy and warm.
A trip to Rome is a stimulating composition of grapefruit and bergamot with a refreshing and spicy scent.
A trip to London envelops you in a masculine, fresh and electrifying composition of rhubarb, ambra and cassis.
A trip to the Orient has an extraordinary fragrance of pomegranate and white pepper which is fruity and spicy at once.
A trip to Athens is a sweet and aromatic aphrodisiac of musk and patchouli.
A trip to Waikiki carries the sweet and fruity scent of coconut and pineapple that makes you think of Piña Coladas under palmtrees on a sandy beach.
A trip to a Romatik Getaway is a fragrance from ginger biscuit.

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